Software Development

Although most of my work is internal and private at my previous employers / their clients, these are a few (public) projects I'm able to pull together to show a small amount of my programming skillset

Safely Walking Safety App

>Partial Source Code
>Latest UI Design

(Swift, Objective-C, Xcode) an app I developed around the idea that many people don't feel safe when walking at night alone.

lt enables users to trigger a help response when in danger without pulling out their phone. The app provides local law enforcement, friends, family, and even the user's school with their location and live audio when a distress signal is triggered. Safely is one of several UI/UX projects I've developed in my free time that I'm beginning to post formally on my website.


Artifact Prototype Drone Testing App

>Partial Source Code

>Final Drone Design (Xenon)

(Swift, Objective-C, Xcode) an app I developed to test and control early iterations of my award winning drone Xenon


Portkey Smart Lock App

>Partial Source Code

(Objective-C, Xcode) an iOS client app I developed to control a smart lock prototype I developed using Arduino


iOS Augmented Reality Game

>Partial Source Code

(Objective-C, Xcode) an iOS augmented reality game I developed for fun in 2 weeks



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