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Products, Software, Engineering

(not necessarily in that order)

I grew up loving to take things apart. This led to learning several programming languages (VB, C#) on my own to create software for reverse engineering my Xbox at 14. I loved to bend video game worlds such as Halo 3 to my liking, hacking the game’s core architecture beyond what is normally possible. I also created YouTube videos of my mods back in the early days of YouTube, which achieved millions of views. I then developed a Windows app for the video game community so that anyone could enjoy hacking the game like I did.

This curiosity led me to study the physical side of how things work with Mechanical Engineering. But during my time in this major, I ended up being more curious about the full range of skills required to bring great user experiences to life. Wanting to have more input into all details of product design and development, I moved into Industrial and Product Design, giving me access to Hardware, Software, UI, and UX development all in one single degree. I graduated at the top of my class, winning Director's Choice for my capstone project (alongside a great friend - Alexander Ordonez). Along the way between semesters, I worked as a full time team member with an array of startups, design consultancies, and companies, including Oculus (Facebook / Meta) and Whipsaw in Silicon Valley.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

Above is one of my favorite quotes by Steve Jobs. My curiosity, knowledge, and experience - both in and out of work - combines industrial and product design, software development, and engineering in a unique way. This perspective allows me to develop great experiences with several adjacent fields considered concurrently.

I run an Industrial and Product Design and creative consultancy called Offset Inventions with my good friend Alexander Ordonez.

I also enjoy Software Development both in my current position and as a hobby, combining my knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (C, C#, Objective-C, C++, Swift, VB, Dart) with web languages and tools such as Flutter, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node.js, SQL, etc.

I’m also reverse engineering modern diseases through my research in biophysics with my startup Lightyear.


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